Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking for Shells

We flew to Florida for my mom's funeral and burial. Everything went well and was just how my mom would have wanted it. My mom loved going to the beach and searching for sand dollars. She always took us to Shell Island. This trip we decided to go back to Shell Island and look for sand dollars, we didn't find any but we made and found great memories.

Nick and me at Shell Island

We were also able to see my great-grandmother, Nanny Bell. She lives in an assisted living facility and will be 96 years old in October. She is still sharp and gets around with the assistance of a walker or wheelchair. She is a wonderfully spiritual woman who has so much life experience to share.

Nanny Bell, Nick and me. Nanny isn't sure where to look but she still looks good.

I found a new appreciation for my family during this time and especially my brothers. We really relied on each other and we were able to grow close the way my mom always wanted us to be. In a time of sorrow I received several blessings that I am so grateful for.