Saturday, May 29, 2010

84 Months

Nick and I have been married 84 months! Yes, it has been bliss...for the most part...I love Nick and think being married is the most fun!

We celebrated by para-sailing in Panama City Beach, some background...
I am EXTREMELY afraid of heights so when I suggested we go para-sailing Nick was surprised and a very willing participant. He was so convinced I would change my mind he almost immediately looked up several water sport companies and began comparing "deals". He found one acceptable (behind the Hooters parking lot, that should have been my first clue...) and off we went.

After parking, paying and riding the banana boat pulled by a jet ski to the boat. We were harnessed in and clipped to the parachute...

It was AMAZING and not scary at ALL... promise. We saw dolphins (which means there aren't sharks around) and it felt like we were on a swing...I loved it!

About 800 ft up (we were supposed to go up 1200 ft) we felt a jerk and saw the rope on the boat that is attached to our parachute fall in the water then we gently fell in the water. The dolphins started swimming over to us, again no sharks. We unattached ourselves, no thanks to the "skipper" on the boat that is afraid of sharks!?!

It really wasn't that bad of a "crash" landing, right after we "hit" the water Nick exclaimed that he lost his Ray Ban Aviator sun glasses that were well over $100! Just for the record, my $8 sunglasses never moved from my head.

Safely in the boat, the "captain" let us know what happened. He looked away for 10 sec and the rope let out too much. He offered to take us on a better ride when he got the rope fixed. We agreed and sit on the anchored boat for about 30 min. I almost fell asleep while sunning on the boat benches, Nick almost got sick...

The second ride we went up the full 1200 ft and it was AWESOME! I would do it again and am so happy I was with Nick...

We really are a great team!