Thursday, November 20, 2008

Most Embarassing Moment Ever

I was interviewed by a Detroit local news channel today at work and thought I was going to vomit! If you would like to witness the embarrassment feel free. This will also explain what I do at work everyday.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Trip

Tuesday, Nick was home at 2:30PM. That is rare, usually he is calling for a ride about 8:30PM but to my surprise he was home! I was very excited as you can tell.

We decided to take a drive and enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds and tastes of fall in Michigan. We took all back roads and I tried to get some good pics but they don't do justice to the scene here.

We stopped for drinks at Brown's Root Beer diner then headed to Kensington State Park.

The sunshine is was maybe 50 degrees.

On our way home we had to stop at Erwin's Orchard for pumpkin spice doughnuts, carmel apples and a head of cabbage (I couldn't resist it). We didn't get any pictures at the orchard because there was a bus load of 3rd graders that ran all over us. Nick of course said "get me outta here."

This was a beautiful day and I was very happy to spend it with Nick. Enjoy the pics...

Nick with a Root Beer float and me with......................Diet Coke

Kensington State Park

Outside our apartment at sunset

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Nick and I have had one visitor since moving to Michigan and are expecting a lot more...a hint to all family and friends.

Sawyer came and spent a few days with us. We went to a corn maze at Coleman Farms in Saline, MI. We laughed, sang, told jokes and got caught up while Nick was reading the map and actually trying to navigate us through the maze with out getting us lost. It was fabulous. At the end of our semi-successful maze adventure the owners of the farm let us feed their cow treats. The cow loved Sawyer and me, I'm sure it wasn't just the treats we were giving her.

We bought two beautiful pumpkins from the Coleman farm and were looking forward to some carving action the next night.

Our time with Sawyer was too short and reminded me how much I miss family and friends. Come see us soon...

Sawyer and me in the corn maze. We forgot our camera so Nick took some BlairWitch pics.

Sawyer with her new friend

Our jack-o-lantern

Breakfast with Soy before she left me...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

100 Things

Thanks Mary for the idea...

Here are 100 things about me.

1. I love to cook

2. I love to bake, yes they are different

3. I'm fairly good at both

4. I enjoy long rides in a car, the longer the better

5. Pumpkin anything is the reason I like the Autumn

6. I like to grocery shop

7. I love long walks, the longer the better

8. Road trips are my favorite vacations, see number 4

9. I like my hair short

10. I like Nick's hair long, but his short do isn't bad either

11. Dogs are my favorite animal

12. My favorite sounds are the beach, babies/toddlers laughing and Nick's voice

13. My dream car is a Range Rover; white, tan leather interior, white rims

14. I want to be a body builder

15. I want to get a graduate degree in social work

16. I didn't like our house when we first moved in

17. I love our house now

18. I wish I could live with my grandma and grandpa Clayburn

19. I like being in a swimsuit even though my body isn't perfect

20. I'm glad I didn't have sister's

21. I want at least two girls

22. I love lifting weights, see #14

23. I love feet, mine and others

24. I love camping

25. I don't like talking on the phone

26. I love "real" Mexican food

27. Folding laundry relaxes me

28. I only use white or wood hangers

29. I wish I knew more about computers

30. I've never painted a room

31. I want to paint a room

32. I need flexibility with time

33. My favorite smells are (not together) coconut, the beach, grapefruit and garlic. The garlic is reminiscent of me living near Gilroy, CA

34. I want to live in a small town

35. I want to have enough property to have a cow, chickens and a pig

36. I want to live somewhere warm all year long

37. Nick cleans more than me

38. I straighten things up more than Nick, yes there is a difference

39. I like to file

40. I love pulling weeds

41. I make up reasons to have family parties

42. I like to fly in airplanes

43. I people watch

44. I love to boat especially if we are water skiing or tubing

45. I like to be warm

46. I prefer green grapes

47. My favorite sandwich is turkey

48. My birthday is March 24th but I celebrate from March 1st-March 31st!

49. My ears stick out so hats look funny on me

50. I don't mind the smell of skunk, unless they spray my dogs...

51. I love hugs

52. My favorite ice cream is "Private Selection" Andes Mint, they don't make it anymore

53. The color orange makes me happy

54. I like late night talks with Nick

55. Honesty Plant is my favorite game

56. I am obsessed with drinking a gallon of water a day

57. College Football is my favorite sport to watch...Go Utes!...Go Noles!

58. Microwave popcorn is the greatest invention

59. I've never tasted a vegetable I didn't like

60. I don't like to admit it but romantic comedies with Julia Roberts are my favorite movies, ie. Runaway Bride, Steel Magnolias, My Best Friends Wedding...

61. I love to hike, anywhere, anytime.

62. I don't like to buy CD's or movies, they cause too much clutter

63. I don't read a book more than once

64. I watched Fiddler on the Roof everyday after school in 9th grade

65. I have always wanted to be an actress

66. I failed drama in 9th grade

67. I am too competitive to play group sports or games

68. I want a huge vegetable garden

69. I love peanut butter toast for breakfast

70. My favorite flower is anything but carnations

71. I enjoy popping zits

72. I love really good chocolate

73. I am a food snob

74. I like to try new restaurants

75. I like to read the newspaper

76. My favorite book is whatever I'm reading at the time.

77. I don't wear white shoes after Labor Day or before Easter

78. I only listen to NPR in the car

79. I love to sleep without needing to get up in the morning

80. I babysat for the Smith's for 15 years. I love Hadley, Easton, Cooper and Sawyer!

81. I like to walk in cemeteries

82. I have kept the same 3 plants alive for a year, that is an accomplishment

83. I don't like chain restaurants except...

84. I could eat Subway everyday

85. I love the sun

86. I love Halloween but hate dressing up

87. I love any theater; plays, musicals, operas etc...

88. Hearing from friends is a dream

89. I worked at a movie theater when I was 16 and loved it

90. Paying bills makes me feel accomplished

91. The more I get to know my brothers the more I like them

92. I love being married to Nick

93. I have to see Mac, my nephew everyday or I miss him

94. I blow my nose really loud

95. I hate being sick and am a baby when I am

96. I wish I didn't have a cell phone

97. I love running errands

98. I've never broken a bone or had stitches (except a biopsy on my toe that required 2 stitches)

99. I am a happy person

100. I am blessed

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking for Shells

We flew to Florida for my mom's funeral and burial. Everything went well and was just how my mom would have wanted it. My mom loved going to the beach and searching for sand dollars. She always took us to Shell Island. This trip we decided to go back to Shell Island and look for sand dollars, we didn't find any but we made and found great memories.

Nick and me at Shell Island

We were also able to see my great-grandmother, Nanny Bell. She lives in an assisted living facility and will be 96 years old in October. She is still sharp and gets around with the assistance of a walker or wheelchair. She is a wonderfully spiritual woman who has so much life experience to share.

Nanny Bell, Nick and me. Nanny isn't sure where to look but she still looks good.

I found a new appreciation for my family during this time and especially my brothers. We really relied on each other and we were able to grow close the way my mom always wanted us to be. In a time of sorrow I received several blessings that I am so grateful for.

Friday, July 25, 2008


My mom passed away yesterday afternoon.

It was a blessing my brothers and I got to go to New Mexico last weekend and be with her. She was awake and alert although she was in severe pain.

I was able to paint her toenails and fingernails, which had been neglected for a long time.
One of my favorite things to do with my mom is manis and pedis, so it only seemed fitting that we got one more in. I went to the nearest store and picked two colors I thought she would like; brilliant and vibrant. She of course chose brilliant, because she was.

My mom was the strongest, most beautiful and talented woman I know. She could do anything from making our clothes to extravagant birthday cakes. My favorite was the Cabbage Patch Kid cake. She was an exceptional cook some of her favorites were; caramel corn, cookies, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, I could go on and on.

I am a bit of a mess right now and all I can hear is my mom saying "Get it together Megan", so I will try...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Calendar Colors

Every month has a color. This stems from 1st grade, Mrs. Walker's class. She had a color behind every month and from then on I see the months in color. The problem is, I'm almost sure the colors behind her calendar had absolutely no meaning to her they were just the colors she could find in the supply room, but it had an everlasting effect on my life. Thus the new blue background. July equals Blue.
Anyone else see the months in color?

Monday, July 14, 2008


This is our first try at the blogging world....
Nick and I have been married 5 glorious years. Marriage is seriously the most fun of all time.
Nick and I have enjoyed many travels, nowhere exotic but fun nonetheless. Some of our favorites are visiting family in Florida, shout out to Bonifay! New York City to see the Yankees play, it was Nick's best birthday to date. Las Vegas, sorry no gambling just sitting in the warm weather and playing tennis at 10:30PM. Washington D.C., we love that everything is free and the best history lessons ever. Our bus tour to The Sacred Grove in Palmyra and Niagara Falls. Although the trip cramped our style because of the bus ride and Nick's long legs, we had so much fun with my old stake in Florida. I can't leave out the family reunions. Marrying into Nick's family has the best perk of fabulous family reunions. The Outer Banks in North Carolina and gorgeous SunValley, Idaho. We have a wonderful family and being with them is the best part of our life.

The Mecham Extended Family at SunValley, ID 2006

Nick and me canoeing in Florida, August 2007

My brother McLane and his son Mac. Mac's baptism August 2007 in Florida

Nick and me in NYC, August 2006
This is my favorite picture. Nic Bell between Pa and Granny on the bus in Palmyra, July 2005
Nic Bell and me at The Sacred Grove. In case you were wondering about my shining face it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity, July 2005