Monday, November 29, 2010

Fantastic Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was fantastic this year! Nick was out of school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Megan was off from the Ritz on Saturday and Sunday. Our friends, the Montierth's, had us over for a great Thanksgiving dinner with tons of great food, especially the great pies.

Because Megan was off on Saturday and Sunday, we decided to go to our favorite place in Florida. Bonifay. Never heard of it? All the better for us; we're happy to have it all to ourselves! Great family, endless fun things to do, and pig outs on a daily basis. There is no telling how many times we've gone to bed with a stomach ache. It probably happens more often than not.

For those who don't know, Nick and Megan are big time college football fans. We LOVE going to games wherever and whenever we can. Our favorite teams are the Utes and the Seminoles, so in turn we hate, despise, loathe (pick your verb that's the opposite of like or respect) the Cougars and the Gators. In Michigan we had the opportunity to go to the Big House to watch Utah play Michigan

 and in September 2010 we had the opportunity to go to the FSU vs. BYU game. Nick was very respectful in Michigan, usually making his comments under his breath so that Michigan fans couldn't hear, but embarrassingly he wasn't so quiet at the FSU BYU game. At one point, with several BYU fans sitting in front of us, and with FSU well ahead in the game he would yell things like "BYU go back to Provo!" This was much to the chagrin of most of the BYU fans sitting around us, especially one who, after Nick yelled that gem, turned around, stared at Nick, and then got up and left as Nick cackled like a nut.

With a family in Bonifay as crazy about their college football as we are, and with the FSU vs. Florida game on ABC and the Utah vs. BYU game on CBS College Sports simultaneously, Saturday was a great day that saw us sitting in front of the TV switching between both games and Nick Mecham and Nic Bell yelling and screaming at both games all day long, and both being hoarse after the games.

For those who didn't see one, or the other, or either game, FSU came out smoking and steam-rolled Florida. Considering the Noles have lost to the Gators in 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, and 09, it was nice to see the Noles carry the day without any problems in a 31-7 drubbing. The game was over in the first quarter.

The Utah vs. BYU game on the other hand caused much anxiety, especially for Nick who couldn't stand to watch the Utes as they continually failed to get the ball into the endzone. In the second half, the Utes finally attempted to buckle down and actually play the game. Somehow, someway, the Utes pulled it out in the end and won 17-16 making it a fantastic college football weekend in the Mecham and Bell households.

As is usual amongst BYU fans, the excuses started immediately with the worst excuse being "the refs gave the Utes that game with a bad fumble call." Excuse me BYU babies, the refs also called a pass from Heaps to one of his receivers on 3rd and long a complete pass while the receiver was clearly bobbling the ball all the way out of bounds and never had control until he was completely out. That drive then led to a touchdown. So stop making excuses and buck up like Jake Heaps, your QB, who said "Utah played a great game and made the plays when they needed to make the plays." He earned our respect this weekend. Quit crying. No one call cost you the game, because as we recall, BYU marched right down the field and made an admittedly great strategic move by letting the clock run down to 4 seconds which meant that Utah couldn't get another play off, even a kick return. BYU was down 17-16 and had a field goal attempt right down the middle of the field. That would be the last play of the game and it was BLOCKED!!! That caused BYU to lose the game. Nothing more, nothing less. That is a fact.

It was a great game with a great, albeit lucky, play/block at the end of the game. It's a great rivalry and it's too bad that it won't be the last game of the season anymore. See you in September? GO UTES!! F-L-O-R-I-D-A  S-T-A-T-E  WOOO!!!! Until next year Cougars and Gators!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Do It...

I have a billion excues why I don't update my blog regularly. Here they are: no big event has happened, I don't have the time, Nick takes the computer to school, I don't have cute pictures for all posts, my thoughts don't translate well into the blog world, I don't live the life someone would check my blog for (I don't have kids or dogs or any exciting hobbies), etc...

Well those days of excuses are gone. I'm going to just do it! Thanks to many friend who are regular bloggers, granted their lives are more intriging than mine but they are my inspiration just the same. If I am going to blog more I need to actually find the blog worthy moments in my life.

This is my blog worthy moment today. There were two BIG events that happened that I haven't blogged about. Both weddings; Nick's sister Laura to the wonderful and dashing Robert in August

and my brother McLane to the beautiful and talented Jackie in October.

Nick and I were lucky enough to be in SLC for both occassions and loved being surrounded by our family and friends.

Loves to you all...