Friday, August 7, 2009

See Ya SLC

I'm trying to get the perfect blog in before we leave for Florida.

Do I share the details and pics of our quick Las Vegas drive? Finally being able to introduce Nick and Mac to "squeaky" cheese...ahhhh...yum!

Chocolate Cokes at the Coke Factory

"Apparently, I like squeaky cheese" -Mac

Do I post the beautiful scenery of the 24th of July hike to Sunset Peak with Nick's family? Mac being the trooper and never giving up. That guy amazes me.

Mac pointing to Sunset Peak w/ Nick

Mac standing on the peak

Or I could talk about my "best" friends that took me away for a relaxing and fun night at the Little America! Yummy sushi(Caterpillar my new fav), chocolate($50 worth), make-up(only MAC tonight), perfect pitch back in the day and movies that made us cry until 4AM. Thanks for the best night ladies!

Funky make-up

I guess I got it all in and stay tuned for a cross country trip and hopefully lots of beach stories.


Codi said...

Fun post!! I can't believe you are already on your way out again. Thank goodness I got a few hours in with you guys!

Have a safe trip and PLEASE keep up with blog (or at least an email now and then :))

love you!

Mandi said...

Does this mean that you are on your way to Florida? I can't wait to see you!